Where did dogs originate from?

Taking into concept of the Great tall Dane to Chihuahua, we humans are found to be around dogs in all sizes and shapes. It looks like we have got used to them. Now, where did dogs originate from?

Scientist’s belief

Scientists are aware of when and how dogs came from, but humans know only dogs. Scientists believe them to belong to the Canis lupus familiaris species, a subspecies of Canis lupus family member. The other Canis lupus species includes the dingoes, coyotes and wolves, they all share wolf-like common ancestor.

Though scientists give this explanation, they are not really sure where the ancestor wolf-like appearing and it formed the dog of our modern homes. The consensus in general is that it came from Europe and there is evidence recently showing dogs originated in Asia, as well. However, around 9000 to 34,000 years ago, our ancestors met wolf-like ancestors and had good relationship and it continues even today. The wolf-like ancestors became extinct and the legacy is on the dogs that we recognize today as pets.

The dog’s evolution

Scientists are trying to understand the dog’s origin, whether it is from the ancestor wolf-like or it is from Asia or Europe or both. However, recently study shows that the dogs of the modern times may come from 23 ancestral dog clades. With passing time and interbreeding of dogs, the new breeds developed that we know today.

In fact, a report of science magazine says that the clades bring dogs with same traits together and thus bulldogs, boxers and Boston terriers are full of strength to be classified into one group or clades, while collies, corgis and sheepdogs are known as herder and spaniels, retrievers and setters are named as hunters. These breeds have created other dogs by sharing their DNA with multiple clades.

In conclusion, as per the Science Magazine, “The different breeds grouping share particular jobs that the ancient breeders such as the bred dogs are used for specific purposes, such as herding or guarding. In the 2 centuries, people subdivided the dogs larger breed groups into different breeds.


Speaking about the dog’s origination as per research, the dog breeds first found have either become primitive, extinct or ancient. To name a few ancient dog breeds are:

  • Akita , a Japan originated breed
  • Afghan Hound, a Middle East originated breed
  • Basenji , an ancient Egypt breed
  • Chow-Chow, northern china originated breed