Top 5 movies to watch with your dog

It is very hard to squeeze time in this busy world to get time to spend as quality time with your dog. It means you need to take time and do nothing, but to spend for yourself. You love your dog and here is a brilliant way of combing two interesting things together such as watch movie with your pooch. Of course consider the ones that both of you enjoy, look for movies starring dogs. Her are top 5 movies to watch with your dog.

Homeward Bound

This movie will be loved by your dog as it has everything, cats, dogs, fabulous scenery and adventure. In this movie a cat and two dogs search for their family that leaves to go on a vacation far-off with their friends. The action starts as the animals worry looking for their family and their family also is looking for them. Homeward Bound is an adventurous, genuine and heartwarming story that has nothing non-ca friendly and is one of the best movies that dogs and you will love. Carry some tissues without fail.

The Lady & The Tramp

In this movie, a cocker Spaniel, a highbred lady with a license and a collar, gets her life transformed owing to the household having a new baby and she finds a dog on the streets from the kennels wrong side, The Tramp. These dogs do share memorable kisses and lively adventures. It is good for your dog to watch this movie, he will surely love it. An ideal choice of movie for a romantic dog and even the dogs can know about dreams that are true.

101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is a Disney animated film and it has lots included it has 101 Dalmatians; the movie is exciting and the puppies adorable. Cruella is the most memorable villain in the movie; she is mean and loud, keen to wear a coat made of 101 puppies.

Best In Show

This movie offers the dog show worlds inside satirical look and is worth watching as you can laugh from start to end. It shows how people go to win the coveted award and to show they are the best. You will love for the wit and the laughs. Your dogs will love it as this movie reveals the prettier side of the dogs.

Scooby Doo

This is worth a watch as Scooby doo is a goofy, big talking dog that is also crime solving. Relieve your dog and enjoy a great time together. Spend time with your pooch and relax.

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