Do dogs need haircuts?

The common question includes about dog grooming. Now, people wish to know if a dog’s coat in warm weather should be shaved or not. The answer is ‘May be’. Here is some advice that may help in taking a decision regarding dog’s haircuts.

A dog’s coat actually insulates a dog from the cold and it also is as waterproofing coat in some breeds. During warm weather, a dogs coat brushed thoroughly moves into “lofts” while your dog is moving, thus it allows air to cool the dogs skin. However, removing the hair helps to remove the air conditioning built-in.

What to do with a dog’s coat?

Dogs are active and they are prone to get dirty, allergies and also mats are benefited with a trimmed dog coat. The bad mats trap moisture and heat.

Dog breeds having hair growth constantly includes poodles and cocker spaniels. They need trimming or are absolutely fine even with short clipping. Breeds such as terriers need regular trimming. Even dogs with dense fur may be considered a trim and thin cut known as puppy cut. The coat of the dog should be sculpted using trimmers on the top and a final finish should be done with shears.

When not to consider shaving the coat?

There are some spitz-type and northern breeds such as Pomeranians and huskies, they should not be shaved.  This is because on shaving their coat, it may be a permanent damage to their hair and result in clipper alopecia. Their coat never grows back and these dogs have a bald appearance without their fuzzy coat.

There is a need to have the right haircut for the dog and so it means you must know the grooming profession terms. This will ensure you and the dog’s groomer can discuss about the grooming session and the next haircut of your dog. Here are a few haircuts:

Puppy cuts

Puppy cuts refer to having same length hair all over the body and legs. A Puppy cut implies your pet should look cuddly and cute. This means from 1/2 inch to over 1 inch long hair should be retained.

Kennel Cut

The Kennel cut is where the coats are kept short s that they need less maintenance. Hunting dogs in the off season are kenneled and this is just a short cut, ideal for dog owners.

Breed Cuts

This varies with each breed based on how much the dog resembles the breed to perfection.