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Can dogs drink beer?

Living in a city boasting per capita more breweries may raise the question of giving your furry also a few lickings of a cold brew by the river when you are gulping down few bottles of beer. Here your question is can dogs drink beer is because you want your Fido to share good times

How do dogs get worms?

Dogs fall victim often to worms that are the common intestinal parasites. There are different intestinal worm’s types, but the dogs get affected by roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and hookworms.  These parasites survive in the digestive tract as they feed on nutrients; such that the dog’s nutrition is robbed from that it takes in. The infestations

What is the difference between a miniature husky and a normal husky?

A miniature husky is also called an Alaskan Klee Kai, as it is a product of crossbreeding of the Alaskan husky and the normal husky or the Siberian husky. There are many similarities between the Alaskan Klee Kai and the Siberian husky. You won’t notice any identical difference if you see both the dogs standing

Can dogs eat bananas?

Dogs eat bananas, yes and many veterinarians also recommend eating this fruit that is potassium rich as it is a healthy alternative to salty, fatty treats. Bananas are rich in fiber helping your dog having magnesium and gastrointestinal problems, besides it promotes growth of bone and helps body in absorbing vitamins and producing protein. How

Where did dogs originate from?

Taking into concept of the Great tall Dane to Chihuahua, we humans are found to be around dogs in all sizes and shapes. It looks like we have got used to them. Now, where did dogs originate from? Scientist’s belief Scientists are aware of when and how dogs came from, but humans know only dogs.

Do dogs need haircuts?

The common question includes about dog grooming. Now, people wish to know if a dog’s coat in warm weather should be shaved or not. The answer is ‘May be’. Here is some advice that may help in taking a decision regarding dog’s haircuts. A dog’s coat actually insulates a dog from the cold and it

Top 5 movies to watch with your dog

It is very hard to squeeze time in this busy world to get time to spend as quality time with your dog. It means you need to take time and do nothing, but to spend for yourself. You love your dog and here is a brilliant way of combing two interesting things together such as