Can dogs eat bananas?

Dogs eat bananas, yes and many veterinarians also recommend eating this fruit that is potassium rich as it is a healthy alternative to salty, fatty treats. Bananas are rich in fiber helping your dog having magnesium and gastrointestinal problems, besides it promotes growth of bone and helps body in absorbing vitamins and producing protein.

How to feed?

  • Mash it with regular food.
  • Mix it with peanut butter or yogurt, a little.
  • Freeze, peel and slice it.
  • Stuff in a Kong and freeze it.

Bananas are the tasty treat that humans use it in smoothies, cereal and also in between meals as a healthy snack. Yes, dogs can eat bananas, but in moderation.  Bananas are an amazing source of manganese, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber, copper and biotin. Bananas have sodium and cholesterol in low, but the bananas sugar content confirms dogs can eat as a treat, but not as a regular diet part.

The key thing to note is that some dogs can have bananas and some cannot, it generally all comes done to DNA. So we recommend getting a good dna test kit and checking if your dog is a fit or not.

Side Effects of Bananas

  • Feeding your dog with more bananas may lead to constipation and never feed a banana peel as it cannot digest and a blockage will be created if your dog eats the peel in whole or even in large pieces.
  • Speak with your vet, before giving banana to your dog. Adding bananas to your dogs as a treat is good, but keep a watch for weight changes, allergies and sensitive gastrointestinal system signs.
  • Some dogs hate bananas, while some love. Give bananas as a snack and even if your dog is not allergic, you can feed them, but in limits.

Bananas portion size for dogs?

Bananas are delicious and great for your pup as a healthy snack in association with a balanced diet.  The portion size of bananas for dogs is that give only few banana slices. Like all other foods, it may result in gastric upset. So feed a slice or two to ensure there are no tummy issues.

Although it is really okay to feed bananas, do not allow it to eat the peels, but the peel can be used on dogs to soothe bug bites.

How to feed

Bananas are safe and so make few homemade treats for your pet:

  • Mash bananas and mix with dog’s food or give as a treat.
  • Make banana chips as all natural.
  • In summers, give frozen banana slices as a treat, they will love it.