Can dogs drink beer?

Living in a city boasting per capita more breweries may raise the question of giving your furry also a few lickings of a cold brew by the river when you are gulping down few bottles of beer. Here your question is can dogs drink beer is because you want your Fido to share good times with you. You may add ice cubes in it and order some pizza and have plans to share everything with your dog.

Here is the answer:

NO, dogs must not be given beer or any other alcohol-containing-beer, because the dog’s systems are much smaller in size and it cannot handle even little bit. You may need to give your dog some medication if it has consumed any alcoholic beverages such as, dramamine for dogs.

There are non-carbonated non-alcoholic beers that can be given to your dog if you wish to give a beer to your dog. But, giving alcoholic beet to your dog will make them drunk and is a strict NO.

Why No beer for dogs?

Beer or alcoholic beverages are a No as they result in:

Dehydration – Alcohol eliminates water, electrolytes and minerals from your dog’s body and these are required for your dog to stay energetic and healthy.

Serious brain damage – Having beer will result in blood sugar levels drastic decrease.

Liver failure – Humans may drink lots of beers, but even the smallest size is enough for the dog’s livers to give up. Their liver result in failure and so beer is a serious risk.

Kidney failure – Same as liver failure, kidneys of your dog cannot filter the least of alcoholic beer coming inside.

Heart failure – High alcohol levels in the blood system of your dog leads to heart failure and cardiovascular diseases.

Coma Depending on the alcoholic beer that your dog drinks, this may trigger something as slight loss in the abilities of coordination and there will be noticeable drastic decrease in blood sugar levels and heart rate that it may reach you into a state of coma.

Symptoms of dogs drinking beer

As the dog drinks beer, their system takes in the ethanol present in the beer and the dog instantly faces great difficulties in processing and leads to ethanol poisoning.

Within 30 minutes to 2 hours time after drinking the beer, the dogs get poisoned. There will be behavioral changes such as unusual biting, barking once they are poised and slowly there is unusual movement or decreased movement. There are loss of coordination abilities, confusion and light headedness, excessive urination, seizures, trouble urinating, difficulties in breathing and frequent body temperature fluctuations and eventually death.